When and how do I pay the mover?

Standard procedure is to pay the mover just before unloading. While most local moves are based on hourly rates, most interstate moves are based on weight. If you agreed to a non-binding estimate for your long distance move, the final price must be based on the actual weight. If this actual weight results in a cost that is more than 110% of the original estimate, you do not need to pay the amount above 110% at that time. It can be invoiced in 30 days.

If you do not pay the charges due at the time of delivery the mover has the right to refuse to deliver your shipment and to place it into storage at your expense until the charges are paid. If your shipment is split for shipment on two or more trucks, the mover can require payment for each portion as it is delivered.

In the event that other services are required, such as shuttling, your mover may also collect for the shuttle charges at delivery – provided that the shuttle charges collected at delivery do not exceed fifteen (15%) percent of the total charges due at delivery. Your mover will invoice you for any remaining charges after delivery