Solving disputes with your mover

The complaints against the mover are that the mover did not come or deliver at time, expensive cost and damaged items were received. The work of the mover is to do a reasonable dispatch. In case of late delivery the mover may be penalized. If any claim of damaged or late dispatched goods is to be received then complaint must be filed in 9 months. Generally the mover’s tariff specifies till what time claim can be asked. Binding and Non-Binding are the two types of billing dispute.

Non-Binding bill is approximate calculate of claimed things while Binding bill is exact value of claim. Non-Binding bill can be higher or lower on the estimated claim. Including other items out of bill will invalidate the claim. These complaints are filed to the Federal Highway Administration. If your transportation is with a local state then complaint can be made appropriate state regulating agency. The arbitration procedure is followed only if there is a dispute between mover and carrier. You must provide all essential data like address, date and time of incident in your arbitration appeal.

The proof of damage made by the carrier is very important in the case of arbitration. The proof must be in a way that it shows that damage was made during move. In case of electrical appliances, inner damage is not considered. Damage caused by nature will not makes the mover liable. The disputes that are interstate has to be solved only by arbitration. If judgment is against the carrier, the claim or appeal against must be made within 120 days. A local professional mover can help you in following the arbitration procedure.

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