Moving timeline

Moving timeline is essential for your move. You should take this into consideration so as to make your move easy and comfortable.

A month prior to your move, you should asses the area of your new place and you should also enquire about various moving companies so that you can avail their services if you need them. If you want to get your items insured then you must take pictures of your goods and should also consider various insurance options that are available. It’s always better to change your address legally as early as possible.

Couples of weeks before your move check your reservations. You must check whether everything is according to the plan or not.

A couple of days before you move see that the appliances are well set and are ready to work.

After you have moved to your new place, you must familiarize yourself with the neighborhood. You can take the help of the moving crew to unpack your household items and to place them in right places.

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