Frequently Asked Questions

When is it time to call a moving company?

The early you call the moving company, the better it will be for you. Preferably, you must notify the moving company about your move at least 4-6 weeks in advance. Almost every moving company will require alternate pickup and delivery dates therefore; you must consider this factor before approaching them.

If due to any reason, like for example real estate closing or expiration of the lease your pickup or the delivery dates are critical then you can avail a more flexible and reasonable schedule at an additional cost.

What’s the need of an estimate?

The estimate is an essential part of any type of move no matter whether is national or international. The moving company’s agent will conduct a pre move survey to assess the volume or type of your household items and on basis of that he will prepare a rough estimate of your move. This estimate will be very helpful for you to asses the cost of moving and the volume of goods. Usually the moving companies do not charge for this facility. However, this estimate is not binding and is only used to give a rough idea.

What is a binding estimate?

A binding estimate clearly specifies the moving cost in advance based upon the services of the company availed by you and various other factors like shipping distance, nature of freight  insurance etc. If you wish to opt for additional services naturally the cost is going to rise. These estimates are generally valid for a period of two months.

In case, you add more items to your freight or opt for additional services like packing etc. between the time of making an estimate and the actual moving time, then you will have to pay additional charges.

What is the perfect time to move?

If it is possible, then you must avoid moving in week ends, month ends, year ends and summers. The reason is that the demand for the moving companies in these days is at peak. So when you move on days other than these, you will not only get discounted price on your move but also assured delivery dates.

You should move at that time which is convenient to you and suits you the most. Few of the factors which are involved in deciding the movement times are
– whether you should move immediately
– should children be moved in between the school term
– the separation of the family during the move

How much time does it actually take to move?

The time taken for your move depends on many factors like the volume of your freight, the distance to be traveled, the weather conditions etc. these are the factors which will determine the duration of your move.

What is a licensed moving company?

A company is a licensed moving company if it is registered i.e. the company have a certificate which is issued by an authorized body of the federal government.
A local moving company can also move various intestate shipments but within certain specified geographical areas if it is affiliated with a national moving company.

What do you mean by tariff?

Tariff is the complied list of regulations, rules, services offered and the resulting charges used by all the motor carriers.  These are issued by all the motor carriers on demand.
Tariffs are published by almost all the motor companies and they include in them various services offered by them.

How can you find out what my move will cost?

Unless you get a binding estimate form our moving company, you can never determine what exactly your move will cost you. Your freight weight and the shipping distance are the major factors which are going to decide the cost of your move. Also your moving cost will increase if you avail any additional services like insurance cover, moving special items like pool table and piano etc.  The total cost of the move includes the transportation cost, charges of various accessorial services like packing and unpacking availed and the insurance coverage charges, if any.

How can I pay and when can I pay?

The tariff provisions tells you that all the payments should be made in advance , that is before your shipment is unloaded at its destination. There are many variety of methods by which you can pay the moving company. Moving companies accepts travelers check, visa, Master card, cash, American express card and money orders. The personal checks are usually not accepted by the moving companies.

Now suppose if you have received an estimate which is not binding then your bill will be not more than 110% of the cost as told you in the bill. Suppose it shoots up to more than 10%, then you are allowed to pay the money in 30 days time starting from the day of delivery.

However if your items are delivered into storage then this payment of the charges plus 10 % does not hold.
You will be charged separately for the storage facilities, if availed by you.

Are my goods protected against any loss or damage during the move?

Yes, your goods will be protected. The extent of protection however, will depend upon the insurance policy which you are going to choose, i.e. Released Rate Liability or Full-Value Coverage.

The released rate liability offers the basic coverage for your shipment. In this type of overage your items will be subjected to a maximum damage of 60 cents multiplied by the item’s or the article’s weight. This liability is very basic and is generally provided free of cost.

In full value coverage, if any of your article or item get damaged during the transit or loading, unloading or packing, then the moving company will  either replace it , repair it free of cost or refund you the entire cost of the article. The full value coverage however comes at an extra cost.

To suit your needs the full value coverage options are available at various dollar increments and that too at very attractive rates.

There are many items having extraordinary value. The items are usually called extraordinary value items if they cost more than 100 dollars. These are precious stones and gems, crystals, antiques, art and furs etc. In case you are planning to move them through the mover, then you have to fill a separate High Value form clearly indicating such items. Generally the maximum liability of the moving company is limited to 100 dollars per pound per item.

Many moving companies provide insurance facilities which you can avail. Otherwise you have to opt for an insurance company if the insurance facility is not provided by your moving company.

Is storage facility provided by the mover?

If due to some circumstance, you are unable to transfer some of your possession, then the moving company offers you the storage facility, i.e. you can keep your stuff in the company’s warehouses or store rooms for a certain charge.

Can I myself pack the fragile items?

Majority of the people take the help of the moving company to pack the all the fragile items like glassware, mirrors, computers etc. However if you are planning to pack them all by yourself then you must pack them individually and should provide a good amount of cushioning so as to make them withstand shock. You can easily purchase cartons, papers and tape from any stationery shop.

The carton in which you pack these materials should be clearly marked FRAGILE in bold letters so that due care should be given to that carton.

Can I pack my apparels in dresser drawers or chest?

All your lightweight clothing, like shirts, lingerie’s, blouses and sweaters etc. can be left in the drawers. But the heavier items like books, sheets or table linens can damage your furniture during the move, so you must not keep them in drawers or chest. Also never keep items like jewelry, money, fragile items or various other valuable items in the drawers.

Can the frozen foods be moved?

You can move frozen foods though in limited conditions. You must consult your moving company in this regard. However it’s advisable to use these or give it to someone before moving.

How can I move my jewelry and various so other valuable materials?

Various items which have extraordinary value like for example, antiques, jewelry, money, stamp collections, painting etc. can be included in your freight but you have to notify your moving company about them before packing or before the moving day. However it is strongly recommended that you should move such items by yourself, along with you.

How can I move the house plants?

Moving house plants can be difficult and tedious job as plants require a specific amount of light and temperature to live in. Therefore you must try to transport them along with you, in your car preferably. Some states also prohibit the entry of plants therefore you must look out for such type of restrictions before moving them.

How can I move my pet?

Moving a pet is never easy. Dogs, canneries and cats cannot be transported in a moving van so you must take them in your family car along with you. You can also consult your moving company to look out for other viable options.

Do my electric appliances need extra care?

Majority of the electrical appliances like dishwashers, television, refrigerators, dryers etc. require special attention and care during the move. The various moving parts of these appliances should be held tightly. All the gas appliances should be disconnected and serviced prior to your move.

You must note that, all your appliances should be cleaned and serviced before you move them.

What kind of estimate should I get?

You must always ask for a not to exceed binding estimate, as this type of estimate will give a better picture of the moving cost.

Should I only accept the estimate which is not to exceed binding estimate?

No it’s not necessary, majority of the times when you will get some estimates from the moving company, you will get to know the estimated cost of the move. An estimate which is binding is absolutely fine for you.

What role does weather play in your move?

Weather is a very important factor which is to be considered while deciding the moving dates. Weather can slow down the whole process of moving. You must check out the weather conditions before deciding the delivery dates.

Will my moving company provide me the moving cartons or boxes free of cost?

Though moving company provides moving boxes of various shapes and sizes, these are generally not free. So you must enquire them about this well in advance.

Should I move at this time of the year?

Moving at the season having higher demand or the peak season will definitely cost you more. You should also consider your child’s school term, before making your moving plans.

Where can I get the information of the city in which I am moving?

Nowadays, due to advancement in technology, you can easily log on to various search engines like google and msn and can easily acquire the information  of the city or town you are moving in.

What are the items which I should avoid moving?

You must never move any item or good which is inflammable or explosive in nature. The movement of such items can be undertaken only by specialized people. Many states restricts the entry of such type of products, so you must be aware of such type of restrictions, if exists.
Also avoid moving items which may spill or leak during transit.

Are there any additional charges for moving large or heavy goods?

Yes, items which are bulky and heavy like pool table, piano etc. require additional charge for their moving.

What are the goods that I should move by myself rather then letting the mover move them?

All the valuable items, collectible and precious items should be packed and moved by you rather than by the mover. Also you should move yourself the items which are small and can be packed and transported easily as this will save a lot on the moving cost.

When should I tell the kids about our moving plans?

As soon as you decide your moving plan, you must convey it to your kids. Try listening to them and consider their views also, as it will make them feel relaxed a bit. As transition for them is never going to be easy therefore you must try to be communicative with them.

How do I start packing for the move?

Without any doubt, packing is one of the major factors which you need to consider before you move. You must arrange for proper moving boxes, if you are doing packing by yourself. You must select smaller boxes for heavier items.

Does the moving company have some sort of minimum fee?

Majority of the moving company have minimum fee associated with them only when the client opts for hourly basis. Generally a three hour minimum fee is charged, however it also depends upon the services that the client wants to avail.

If my move is becoming too expensive then what should I do?

To reduce your moving cost you have to reduce the weight of your freight, you can do this by throwing all the unnecessary items or unwanted goods which you will not really need at your new house.

What are the advantages of moving in the peak season?

When you move in the peak season the advantage that you will enjoy is that there will be no school for your children.  Thus it will make your move hassle free.

What are the disadvantages of moving in the peak season?

When you decide to move in the peak season the first disadvantage that you will see is that the move will cost more. Also the movers are very busy at that time so chances are there that your stuff or belongings gets lost or damaged. Even the delivery on the specified date is not guaranteed during the peak season.

What do you mean by low bailing?

When the moving company gives you a low estimate which is non binding, then it is called low bailing. They do this in order to lure you to use their services. It is possible that in the end, they weigh your freight and increase the price.

What can I do to prevent the low bailing?

You must try to get binding estimates from your moving company as these estimates tend to prevent low bailing. Try to obtain binding estimates from at least 3-4 moving companies, as then you can easily develop a binding estimate of your own and thus can prevent low bailing.

What should I do in order to prevent any of my items from being lost or stolen?

To prevent any loss of your item you must be very well aware of the various moving company’s settlement dispute procedures and policies, so that in case any mishap happens then you will be clear that all of your items or goods will be paid for.

Will my furnishing remain in good condition during the transit?

All your furniture will be protected by a high quality material before they are packed with furniture pads.