How to Move on a Tight Budget

Due to the state of the economy these days, many people have a limited budget while moving, and there’s nothing wrong with that. It is quite common, and there are a few useful tips that should be taken into mind when moving to ensure that you don’t exceed your budget. If done properly, you can even have a substantial amount of your budget leftover, leaving you with more money to pay the bills, or to deck out your new house, apartment, or condo.

Planning ahead of time is the first and most important tip for moving on a tight budget. Last minute purchases and rentals are often the source of a lot of unnecessary costs. For example, boxes that could have been acquired for free a week in advance might cost you $40 if you wait until the last minute and you are forced to purchase them. Little items such as tape, which may seem insignificant, but are essential for moving, can be purchased for much less at big stores than at smaller convenience stores or pharmacies.

If you can, time your move during off-season, as moving companies will charge significantly less when it is not during peak moving season. Peak moving season is generally referred to as summer, so fall, spring, or winter should be much cheaper for renting moving trucks or hiring moving companies to assist your move on a budget.

If you are physically capable of it, pack your own belongings before the moving companies arrive. Most moving companies will allow you to pack your own items before they transport them. If the company does not offer this so called “you pack, we drive” option, keep looking for another company. Chances are there will be another company locally that offers this option, and it can save you a lot of money which is helpful for those on tight budgets.

One last tip is to use household items as packing materials. For example, instead of purchasing furniture covers, use blankets and linens that you already own to cover your items. Towels can come in handy, too.

If you implement these tips while moving, you are guaranteed to save money, and if your budget is tight, these tips can make the difference between moving being out of the question, and being reality.

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