International Relocation

Today being Globalize is very important especially for 21st century. Most of us certainly do come across this word as more and more companies try to prove their existence in the world market either by combining with other companies or tend to expand their work place in the international market. So this certainly does create new challenges and opportunities for these companies.

There are a number of people who look towards opportunities to get themselves relocated so I have tried to cover some important aspects for moving internationally.

Trying to find services that would help you to prepare with your moving.

You certainly may have to try and find a service that may help you to get relocated professionally. There are a number of people who try to relocate abroad, so one is always on look out for better services that is highly qualified and can help them relocate.

You certainly can begin your search by looking for a company or two that could help you. So, the company that you choose can always provide you with a bid for entire project. So, once you have managed to find one service that has provided you with the bid, you may have to work on the plan to decide the delivery dates.

There are few people who like to pack their own belongings. But you have to keep in mind that these jobs should be done very much professionally so that every belonging is actually covered by the right insurance. You have to keep in mind that processes like shipment and international packaging are very important. You may have to pack everything very efficiently so that they are secure. You certainly can imagine each and every aspect that are involved. You may have to consider an inland shipment to the port, handling in the port and then loading the containers in the ship, handling containers overseas for around 4 to 6 weeks, handling shipment at port at the time of arrival and then delivering it to your new destination.

TIP:- before you begin with your transportation you may have to work out things that should be sold out. You have to keep in mind that most of the electronics equipments may not function well as different countries make use of different voltages. You may also have to give away most of the furniture due to different floor planning in different countries.


You certainly may have to go through the details of insurance cover of the moving company. It is always better to try and pick up a policy with extra coverage as there are a number of home owners policy that do not cover charges for international relocation. You may also have to consider carrier’s liabilities as it may be reduced to 10 cents for every pound. You have to keep in mind that most of these international coverage begins with the time you load goods and would end at the delivery. You may also find limited coverage for belongings like jewelry, fur, documents of even your cash including your stock certificates. You may also be planning to carry few sentimental items when trying to move to a new place.

You have to keep in mind that every international move does have lots of risk associated with them so you may have to declare the true value of all your belongings. You may have to prepare a complete value list for all your inventory. You have to consider the value of these inventories in the country you are moving to like a crystal vase would cost $140 in France which is only for $100 in US. You have to be sure to insure it for all its true value. Try to cover cost for 100% coverage. This certainly is referred as co-insurance. Try to include the cost of move or shipment in the total value. There are a number of relocation companies that may always help you with values for your items.

Relocating vehicles internationally

Due to the restrictions one the pollution and emission and also the model of vehicles allowed it certainly is advisable that relocating vehicles may not always be a great option. Keeping this in mind you may have to consider relocating your vehicle overseas.

You may have to keep in mind that is it possible to import your vehicle?
You may have to keep in mind that does the country follow any safety regulations.
You may also have to think of the availability of the spare parts.
You also have to consider the cost of insurance coverage.
You may also have to consider the cost of modifications.
You also need to be aware of the cost of fuel and availability.
Do you want to drive in this relocated country.
You also have to keep in mind that type of taxes you may have to pay in this new country.

So in case you decide to relocate your vehicle you may have to do it in one of the ways.

1. Roll on roll off may certainly be one of the best methods as it is least expensive.
2. 20 ft container this certainly does give better security option.
3. 40 ft container this can certainly hold your vehicle and goods together.

Preparation for relocating your vehicle:

You have to be sure that you have removed every attachments from your vehicle.
You also have to maintain the level of gasoline in the tank to ¼ volume.
You may have to disconnect the battery and secure them by insulating them.

Documentation that are needed for relocating:

You need to carry original title deed of your vehicle.
You also have to produce the condition report of your vehicle.
Please try to furnish the complete form for valuation.
You also have to carry shipper’s letter with terms and conditions.

It makes no difference how things are handled, you always have to be sure that lot has to be done. If you work along with a professional international relocation company, things may be much more easier.

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