How do I Identify brokers/middlemen from actual truck-owning movers?

All Interstate and most Intrastate moving companies can be confirmed as either a moving company or broker by viewing the number of moving trucks (power units) a company owns on their federal registration page. A broker’s page will show 0 power units. To view this registration page you can either run a search here:

Most brokers have a tendency to not want to volunteer to the customer that they are brokers. The tendency is to lead the customer to believe that they are an actual truck-owning moving company. And for that reason the Department of Transportation (DOT) recently (on 11/29/2010) passed a law* requiring brokers for interstate moves to:

  1. Register for, and provide the customer with a DOT number
  2. Give consumers the FMCSA’s pamphlet “Your Rights and Responsibilities”
  3. Tell the customer that they are not a mover
  4. Provide customers with a list of moving companies the broker will be using
  5. Provide estimates of expected moving charges and brokerage fees in writing
  6. Provide the customer with the broker’s deposit, cancellation and refund policy.

*The legislation can be viewed here: under Regulations and Enforcement where it provides the PDF titled “Final Rule: Brokers of Household Goods Transportation by Motor Vehicles”.

To report a broker for misrepresentation you can fill out the following form for interstate moves: