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11 Red Flags of Rogue Mover

The company is not found in the federal or state list of registered companies. The company is registered, but it shows 0 power units (trucks) on their registration link. Their insurance cannot be verified. Their website does not list an address or post license and insurance information. The mover asks for a large deposit The […]

Top 6 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Mover

Are there any other fees that I could be charged for? Will you write that on the contract? Does the hourly rate start upon arrival to my home? Does the hourly rate stop when the loaders go on break? Could we please note that? Would you be willing to give a binding quote? What happens […]

Most Common Complaints of Movers (Frequency)

Overcharged/hidden fees (22.4%) Late arrival for loading (16.5%) Unresponsive to calls and emails (16.1%) Damaged Items (14%) Slow loading on an hourly rate (9.9%) Loaders are careless or rude (8.7%) Office Support is Unaccommodating or rude (7.1%) Loaders are inexperienced or incapable (5.6%) False excuses provided (4.3%) Delivering Late or on wrong day (4%) Did […]

Moving timeline

Moving timeline is essential for your move. You should take this into consideration so as to make your move easy and comfortable. A month prior to your move, you should asses the area of your new place and you should also enquire about various moving companies so that you can avail their services if you […]

Moving In a Hurry

Sometimes the circumstances are such that you have to move in a hurry, many a times even before your house is sold. If you already sold it before moving then there is absolutely no problem however if you haven’t got a chance to do it then selling it from your new place can be a […]

Before you move checklist

Just prepare a list and check before you move to make sure you didn’t forget any thing. Two to three weeks before, arrange the move for your plants and pets, dispose or give away all flammable like gas cylinders, pack medicines for your family and pets. One week before, pack valuable items like jewelry that […]

Moving Glossary

Welcome to our moving glossary which will help you comprehend difficult moving terms No Moving resource would be complete without a comprehensive glossary of terms. We’ve compiled a list of terms and their definitions to better help you navigate the sometimes confusing world of moving. Introduction: Moving is one of the important decisions that we […]

Solving disputes with your mover

The complaints against the mover are that the mover did not come or deliver at time, expensive cost and damaged items were received. The work of the mover is to do a reasonable dispatch. In case of late delivery the mover may be penalized. If any claim of damaged or late dispatched goods is to […]


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