Before you move checklist

Just prepare a list and check before you move to make sure you didn’t forget any thing.

Two to three weeks before, arrange the move for your plants and pets, dispose or give away all flammable like gas cylinders, pack medicines for your family and pets.

One week before, pack valuable items like jewelry that you are suppose to take in your own car, transfer checking and savings accounts, gather all your valuables from safe deposits that you need to carry, give a servicing to your car before a long distance move.

On the moving day check out the inventory list, pack suitcase for the trip; don’t forget to pack the boxes that you need to move.

What to do and what not to do, do back up your pc’s with your important files and pack it in its original carton, don’t pack up things like paint, gas cans, bottle of bleach etc, do keep your important papers like order for service, bill of landing, household booklets, phone numbers etc. These are you need to consider before you plan to move.

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