3 Top Ways To Move For Less

Unless you are lucky enough to have your company pick up the tab for your relocation, moving can seem cripplingly expensive. Here are three ways to get creative and save money on your move.

1. Freecycling

Surprisingly, the cost of basic packing materials such as boxes, bubble wrap and tape can add up. A couple of hundred dollars isn’t an unreasonable sum for a large home move. This is because removal companies include a certain number of boxes, cases and cartons as part of their advertised price, and then charge extra for additional materials. One way to save a chunk of change is by freecycling. By connecting with other people in your area who have just moved and are looking to give away their packing boxes, you can pick up all you need at no cost.

2. Moveable Storage

Moveable storage involves the use of large metal containers into which you pack your furniture and belongings. The process begins with the delivery of a large storage container. This saves money as you do the grunt work of carefully wrapping and loading the container. Once the container is delivered to your new home, the onus is on you to unload the contents. This is ideal for fit, active homeowners or people with fit and active friends and acquaintances. As you have the burden of both loading and unloading the container, the costs are competitive compared with removal companies.

3. Back-Loading Firms

Think of back-loading as the Uber method of removal. Whereas standard removal firms will treat you as the only customer making the move, back-loading is the practice of only charging people for the space they take in one direction. If you are happy for your belongings to share space with those of another customer, you can find this approach cheaper. If you want a truck all to yourself for moving, then full-service or self-service moving would be a better choice.

These three ideas could help you save money on your home move. There are benefits and drawbacks to each approach, so it all depends on your preferences.

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